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House km Lockdown Challenge – EXTENDED

Head of Sport and Outdoor Education – Mr Jay Tregonning
Aug 06 2021

Entries to the House km Challenge will remain open until the restrictions are lifted. Anyone who has not had a chance to participate, now is your time to shine and rack up those points for your House. 

Before we get into the House Challenge update, let me introduce you to the new Lockdown Weekly Challenge (with the very inventive name: Mr T’s Weekly Lockdown Challenge!) Each week a physical challenge will be posted, then students have a week to get their submission in. A weekly prize will be awarded for the winner and house points awarded. This week’s challenge is a Wall Ball time trial

Submissions are via the OLLE Sports Pages where you will need to upload your time and a video of you doing it! Submissions will close 9.00am next Wednesday 11 August.

Junior School  

Senior School


Lockdown km Challenge update

Wolgal have taken the lead for entrants with 30.6%, Aranda are on 29.3%, Kogara on 27.2% & Coligan’s handlebars have snapped, just like Alex Porter’s, they seem to be waiting on replacements! They have 13% of the entrants.

Total km completed update:

Aranda – 3076KM

Coligan – 1266KM

Kogara – 1887KM

Wolgal – 2023KM