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Milestones, compromises and congratulations

Sep 17 2021

Term III is a time of significant milestones in schools and this is certainly the case in ours. Like the rest of the world we have had to find other ways to acknowledge and celebrate these milestones in new ways and sometimes we have also had to defer them for later. This week we have enjoyed seeing the culmination of  the PYP Primary Years Programme in “The Exhibition” where our Year 6 students present their extended collaborative inquiry. What a delight it was to interact online with our students as they shared their learning in innovative and creative ways.

Our graduating class of 2021 would normally be attending a graduation assembly on campus with their families in attendance to celebrate this significant milestone. They would then be getting their nails, hair and makeup done and donning suits for the formal and graduation dinner. It is fair to say that such an event cannot be replicated online and this is very disappointing for our graduating class.

We are being pragmatic, but not yet giving up hope! The deferred HSC means that we may yet be permitted to host a celebration for these students and their families with initial planning in place (and lots of prayer) that after the HSC examinations have been completed, large events will be permitted. In the meantime a smaller online assembly was held this week to acknowledge a difficult term and encourage our graduating class.

At the end of each Term I truthfully and sincerely thank our community for a successful session of learning. This Term, my thanks is tenfold. The way our community has joined together to support TIGS students and staff, manage disappointment and the stress that comes with constant change, stayed positive, been thankful and gotten on with the job at hand as best we can – has just been spectacular. I am so thankful for you all.

As we hear of positive vaccination rates and a slight relaxing of restrictions, I do hope that each and every member of our TIGS family can approach the Term break with quiet optimism and take a very well earned rest. I remain excited about the possibility of on-campus learning midway through next Term and am confident that the remote learning that will recommence in Term IV as the staggered return commences will be excellent. Please stay safe and care for yourselves by following the health regulations and be kind!